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Party like its 1944: What NASCAR and the Winter Olympics have in common

In Uncategorized on February 23, 2010 at 6:40 am

Before I start this post, I should apologize for the title. I have used this kind of hook before for a television spot in which I was speaking about the 2008 election and a lead up into the third debate between John McCain and Barack Obama. Subsequently, I realized that the reference I was making, though it still sounds rather fresh and hip to me is now, is quite dated. Of course, this is a play on the old Prince song from 1982. Now that was only 28 years ago, but if anyone in college is reading this and you are of modal age, your memories of how weird it would be to be facing New Year’s Eve in 1999 may be less salient then it is for the established columnists and would be public intellectuals who commonly use the frame. It may be time for us to retire it. After I read Gail Collins column last week, I promised myself never to us the Prince thing again, so this is my way of mourning the passing of time.

The notion of mourning time and the passage of time may be appropriate for this post, for what does a simple set of results like the following tell you?


I must say that what I see in this list is a yearning for forgotten times, and the winter games serve to aid that grief. Indeed, I was reviewing the nice web feature that the New York Times has on the history of the medals and I referred back to the 1936 games that were held in Garmisch-Pertenkirchen Germany (the last pre-WWII games). The results are, in order, Norway, Sweden, Finland Germany, United States, Austria… It would not to be too surprising to find this list appearing today. True, northern countries like Russia, Canada and Korea have broken in, but the list is quite different from the summer games counts.

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