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Down to This: Which side is stronger and wronger

In Domestic Politics on March 17, 2010 at 10:36 pm

In one of the most cogent statements of this era of inclusion, Bill Clinton provided an analysis of the 2002 midterm election in which Republicans not only failed to lose seats, as is typically the case between Presidential contests, but also manged to pick up a few. In a speech to the Democratic Leadership Council Clinton said:

So we have to be firm and clear and strong and positive and prepared to defend our positions and those who are brave enough to stick their necks out to take them…When we look weak in a time where people feel insecure, we lose. When people feel uncertain, they’d rather have someone strong and wrong than weak and right…We have a heavy responsibility to cooperate in uniting this country on security issues, and also to come up with better ideas across the board.

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