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Suicide as Confrontation: Inside the Telangana statehood movement

In Guest Blogger on April 2, 2010 at 11:35 am

Here is the first in a future series of guest blogs from members of the Confrontations community. The post was written by a student of mine, Tejaswini Madabhushi, who has personal experience with the region in which a recent and arresting New York Times article on student suicide in the cause of Intra-national statehood in India was set. She has graciously agreed to share her thoughts with the Confrontations audience to give us a brief look into the context where such fascinating political behavior is taking place.

This article in New York times points out an important issue in India and specially in Telangana. I agree with Sudhir Kakar’s analysis that youth look at suicide as a process of finding meaning. But there are surely more socio- cultural reasons that could be provided in the analysis behind this trend.

The demand for a separate state for Telangana has been active for past 50 years from all sections primarily for the lack of economic development and political representation in the area. More recently, the onus of the movement has shifted from a broad base to Osmania students—who have been participating in large numbers in the protests to make their voice heard. The major political parties have  repeatedly campaigned on the promise to carve out a new state for Telangana Read the rest of this entry »