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We Kill it Because We are Free: John Adams meets Courtney Love

In Domestic Politics on March 16, 2010 at 8:44 am

There is a cunning to history, and the zeitgeist tosses up the characters who can accomplish its ends. Well, things are probably a lot more chaotic than that, but selection processes do amazing things at times. One example of this was the early 1990s when the screaming girl band hit the scene. The most famous example was led by Courtney Love, but I had known a band in my hometown of Bloomington Indiana with much the same spirit several years before. It was as if we would affirm gender equality as would do in statistics by proving that there was more within group variation than there was between groups. The extremes behaviors of men could be matched step by step by women.

We have another moment like that before us, but this time in the political scene. Hollywood celebrity seems to precede Washington  by a healthy lead. John McCain discovered Sarah Palin, but someone else would have if not he. Bill Kristol could recognize her talent and its fit to the current scene. Mary Cheney was Read the rest of this entry »