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Indeed, by Little Else: What Chile might teach us

In Uncategorized on March 11, 2010 at 10:40 am

Today, we witness the passing of something remarkable in Chile–the moratorium on right wing rule after the overthrow of brutal dictatorship. As tragic as it is to have had the earthquake that less experienced civilizations would not have survived, the near apocalypse now stands as a political metaphor for ideological transition: and perhaps forgiveness. Sebastián Piñera has a lot on his shoulders; like Atlas, he has to uphold the ground on which the Chilenos will rebuild. If he carries on the tradition of political restraint that has characterized that system since the overthrow of Pinochet, then we can be hopeful. If not, Latin America may well tip back into counter productive innovations.

What strikes me most about Piñera is not the superficial resemblances to a figure like Italy’s Berlusconi. True, Read the rest of this entry »