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Howl of the Haoles: Health as a Civil Right

In Domestic Politics on March 24, 2010 at 7:53 am

Perhaps the most interesting thing to emerge from the fight over the health regulation bill that was passed in the House Sunday night was the linkage between health insurance and race. I had the chance to watch the fight while away in the Midwest and the tight connection between race and insurance was made more clear to me in that setting than it might have been here inside the Beltway. To put things simply: the bill itself has little to do with race, but the opposition to the bill is very likely inspired by some degree of racial anxiety. The important thing about this most recent incarnation of race consciousness is that it pits white people not against black, which was most common in the civil rights era. Instead the changing demographics of the country pits Middle America against demographic diversity itself. While hardly new, the changing context of ethnic confrontation makes it different this time and demands a different approach to conflict resolution.

For some of you, there will be no need to establish the link between health and race.  I often hear that this is all about race. There is Read the rest of this entry »