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Give’em Hell George: The one big difference between Bush and Truman

In Class and Social Stratification, Domestic Politics on April 12, 2010 at 11:16 am

I am a bit pressed to be able to write much today, but the one thing I could not ignore was an intriguing piece in the DailyBeast that compares George Bush to Harry Truman. There may be reasons to compare these two presidents, and I did occasionally think of them together in Bush’s tenure. They were both tough guy hawks who were under appreciated by the DC insiders. Truman was considered a little man who was not big enough to fill the shoes of his predecessor FDR. Bush was mocked for his Dan Quayle like tendency to misspeak. Those who opposed him were said to misunderestimate him and they surely did. He accomplished a lot, whether you agreed with him or not. What made these two presidents so different is what we now have trouble seeing. Pardon my fixation lately, but it is class politics. Truman was a class warrior in the old populist mold. He waged a whistle stop campaign trough the country that brought condemnation from the established industries in a time when the Democrats were seen as the party of the common man and that was widely recognized as a good thing. George Bush, on the other hand, once joked that his base consisted of “the haves and the have mores.” Contrast this Read the rest of this entry »